DPR participates in the development of the NMPA guideline on “3D printed metallic materials for dental prosthetics”


On November 21, 2019, DPR New Materials Technology CO., LTD participated in the meeting on 'Guideline for the Technical Review of the Registration of Laser-selective Melting Metallic Materials for Additive Manufacturing Oral Prosthetics' organized and held by NMPA. As a representative of the enterprise, DPR explained the technical strength of company in the R&D and production of 3D printing metal materials at the meeting. After the meeting, DPR drafted part of the 'Guidelines' and submitted them to the NMPA. We will continue to contribute to the establishment, revision and publication of the Guidelines in the future.

About the National Medical Products Administration: The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) is responsible for the supervision and management of the safety of medicines, medical devices and cosmetics. It formulates supervision and management policies and plans, organizes the drafting of laws and regulations, prepares departmental regulations, and supervises their implementation; researches and formulates policies to encourage the management and service of new technologies and new products of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. For more information, refer to: http://www.nmpa.gov.cn

About DPR: Relying on the team from the School of Materials of Beihang University, with the combination of many years of accumulation in 3D printing materials, equipment and processes, DPR New Materials Technology CO., LTD focuses on the development, production and application of new medical materials used in 3D printing processes. At present, the original results in Cobalt Chromium alloy, titanium alloy, biodegradable materials, ceramics and others have been achieved. Moreover, DPR make great efforts to promote the industrialization.