DPRExpert consensus seminar on titanium mesh  bone augmentation by 3D printing to pursue an ecological future on the industry.

In this beautiful and cool summer, Depurun was invited to attend “Expert consensus seminar on titanium mesh bone augmentation by 3D printing” in Dalian on July 2nd in 2023. Doctor Suyucheng of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the chief editor ofChinese Journal of Oral Implantology, raised the curtain by a splendid speech. Then he brought an academic report of experience summary of customized bone augmentation titanium mesh for 3D printing.


Meanwhile, specialists of oral implantation shared excellent academic reports.Professor Zhou Yanmin from Jilin University Hospital of Stomatology, Professor Wang Liping from the Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology of Guangzhou Medical University, Professor Man Yi and Professor Cai Xiaoxiao from West China Hospital of Stomatology of Sichuan University, Professor Zhang Jian from Tianjin Hospital of Stomatology, Professor Huang Yuanding from Chongqing Medical University Hospital of Stomatology, and Associate Professor Yu Dedong from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital of Stomatology reported the basic research results or clinical application experience of 3D printed bone augmentation titanium mesh from different perspectives. Mr. Zhang Liqiang, the general manager of Dpurun, introduced achievement from the research and development of medical materials, titanium mesh product design and simulation, additive manufacturing process to product registration and testing in his thematic report Personalized titanium mesh based on additive manufacturing, which were appreciated by experts.  




Lastly, thanks to “Expert consensus seminar on titanium mesh bone augmentation by 3D printing” held by editorial department of Chinese Journal of Oral Implantology, which contributed to many universities and colleges specialists ‘s researching, development and future applications of bone augmentation titanium mesh for 3D printing. We believe that “3D printing+ precious medical treatment” will create more welfare to the public’s health and regenerate the deepening of oral implantation.



“Selective laser melting customized titanium mesh” has obtained the registration certificate.

Nowadays clinical cases is up to 1000.

Products advantages:

1. No need for cutting and reduce the titanium mesh exposure rate.

2. Porous design to provide good blood supply.

3. Pure titanium with excellent biocompatibility.

4. Excellent space-making and space-maintaining ability for a better bone regeneration.

5. The implant can be inserted at the same time when the titanium mesh is placed.