Announcement on the update of DPR-M01 product packaging丨Recognize the new packaging and beware of counterfeit products

Dear all customers and partners;

To better enhance the user experience and unify the brand image, DPR-M01 powder is being upgraded and renewed.

New packaging 


New packaging of DPRE M01

Advantages of Product:

(1) One powder could be used for two applications, without casting defects and pollution in the production process, the workload is reduced and the efficiency of the use of equipment is improved.

(2) Particle size of product is 10~45μm, the surface of the printed product is more lustrous, delicate and beautiful.

(3) There is high bonding rate of porcelain crown, with less chance of chipping.

(4) The thinner and lighter stand is more comfortable to wear.

(5) Low precipitation of harmful metal ions could reduce the gingival discolouration.

(6) Printed products have the advantages of supporting MRI, blocking allergens and be harmless to the opposite jaw.

Please inform our partners and customers and pass on the information to each other, and welcome new and old customers to buy!

If you have any questions, please call the customer service hotline 010-50927071, or pay attention to [DPR New Materials] contact online customer service.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support, and wish you a happy life!