DPR-M01 (10-45μm)Preservation guide in Spring Festival

DPR-M01 metal powder saving after the shutdown

1. Clean up printing room and collect metal powder in the bucket.

2. Clean up residual metal powder with vacuum or brush in circulation lines and suction vents in printers.

3. Sieve the taken powder with a screen of 250 mesh to remove impurities and large particles.

4. Poured sieved metal powder

Tips: Please make sure that it isn’t damp and polluted if desiccant is inside, or the powder is strictly prohibited to use.

Warm reminders:

Use manual of DPR-M01 metal powder after returning to work

1. Take out the powder that was stored during the shutdown and dry it. Drying condition: The powder should be dried at 100°C in special vacuum drying oven for more than 6 hours and be used only after it is naturally cooled and fully dried.

2. The dried powder is sieved with a 250-mesh screen to remove impurities and large particles.

3. Check the printing process and powdering state.  Observe whether there are abnormalities such as powder agglomeration and non-sintering printing when laying powder. Please continue to print if there is no abnormality and if there is any abnormality, please contact the corresponding engineer.

Wish all a happy Spring Festival!